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30 - 3 Loads (30 lbs)
10 - 5 Loads (50 lbs)
4 -8 Loads (80 lbs)


12 - 2 Loads (20 lbs)
9 -3 Loads (30 lbs)
9 - 4 Loads (40 lbs)

10 - 6 Loads (60 lbs)
2 - 9 Loads (90 lbs)









8 - 2 Loads (20 LBS)
8 -3 Loads (30 LBS)
4 - 4 Loads (40 LBS)

6 - 6 Loads (60 LBS)




38 - 3 Loads (30 LBS)
2 -8 Loads (80 lbs)


Lock Haven


Q    What are your self-serve hours?

   Self-serve is open 4am - midnight every day, including holidays.

Q    Is there someone there to help me?

A      There is an attendant available during the day. 

Q   What if I forget soap?

A     Visit our soap vending machine - use laundry card to purchase for $1.  

Q   Do you have a garbage bag?

A    Visit our snack machine. You can purchase one for $0.75 . Laundry bags and laundry totes are available at the counter.

Q    What if I have machine issues?

A    See an attendant during counter hours. After hours, fill out a service tag. Place the top of the tag on the machine and the bottom in the box at the counter.

Q    How do I enter the restroom?

A     Use your laundry card to release the door lock to access the restroom. 

Q    What is something goes wrong?

A    If there is an emergency, please call 911. For all non-emergencies please call or text the store or see an attendant if on duty. 

Q    How to have the best experience?

A     Check your pockets before you arrive. Pretreat any stains. Check the machines before placing your laundry inside. Enjoy the free Wi-Fi, TVs, or books and magazines while you wait for your laundry to finish.

Q    When is the best time to come?

A     Sunday is our busiest day. Avoid the crowds by coming early morning or late evening. We're open 20 hours a day!

Q    Is it okay to leave?

A     Please value your items by staying with them. Brite is not responsible for missing or lost items.

Q    Is there parking?

A     Brite Laundry has a large parking lot!

Q    What methods of payment do you take?

A     Our card center machines take cash (bills only), credit card, debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Have coins? See an attendant during counter hours.


Q    Do I have to use a laundry card?

A     Yes. Your laundry card runs the washers, dryers, soap center and works as a key for the bathroom.

Q    How do I get a laundry card?

   There are two card center machines at the front of the store. Choose your language, select "get new card" and follow the prompts to load your new card.

Q    How much does the laundry card cost?

A     There is no charge for a laundry card.

Q    How do I check the balance on my card?

A     Put your laundry card in the card center and it will show your balance. Not at the store? You can check your balance by going to Brite's home page and click "check my balance."

Q    How do I add more money to my card?

A     Put your laundry card in the card center. Select "credit/debit" if you want to reload using a debit or credit card or if you would like to use Apple Pay or Google Pay. Select "add value" if you would like to use cash. Please note, the card center takes exact amounts only. No change is dispensed.

Q    What if I don't want my card anymore?

A     Your card is reusable and reloadable for all your Brite Laundry trips. You can recycle unwanted cards in the card recycling box at the counter.

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