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Here at Brite Laundry we will wash, dry, and fold

your laundry for you!

Our laundry cleaning service will give you time back. Fill a laundry bag with your dirty clothes and drop them off at our store. We'll clean your clothes and return them folded and ready to be put away. 

How our Wash Dry Fold laundry service works

1. Place your dirty laundry in a bag.  Brite Laundry bags are available to purchase for future drop offs. 

2. Drop off your bagged dirty laundry at either of our locations. You can leave it with a laundry attendant or place it in a locker.  We will weigh your laundry, sort your items, and check pockets before it's cleaned. We will provide detergent, dryer sheets, and hangers. 


3. Your clean laundry is folded and ready for pickup. We will text you to tell you it is ready. 


Call or Text Questions:     Williamsport 570-323-6164   Lock Haven 570-748-4690

Q    How do I place my first order?

  Bring your dirty laundry into either one of our locations in a laundry bag or plastic bag. 

Q    How do I know how much my laundry weighs?

A      A typical load of laundry weighs 8-10 lbs. The average person wears about 15-18lbs a week. Add in towels & you end up with around 20-25lbs. We weigh all items dry.

Q    Is there a minimum order size for Wash Dry Fold?

A    We have a 10lb minimum charge, except for comforters which are a flat rate of $20.

Q    What is not considered Wash & Fold?

A     All items you provide must be machine washable. Do not add items that need to be dry cleaned, ironed/pressed, wool, silk or any items needing gentle wash cycle.

Q    How will I know how much it cost?

A     Brite Laundry charges by the pound. Once we receive your order we can give you an estimate for your order.   Comforters are charged separately & should not be included with regular laundry.

Q    How will my laundry come back?

A    All items will be folded professionally & bagged to secure their cleanliness. Special request items can be hung. Items will be ready to be put away immediately when you get home.

Q    How do I prepare my laundry?

A     Please pre-treat any stains, check pockets, and confirm all items are machine washable.

Q    What kind of detergent do you use?

A     Brite uses a commercial grade laundry detergent. All Free and Clear detergent is available upon request. Customers may also provide products for us to use if they would like specific detergent, fabric softener, or dryer sheets.

Q    How do you weigh my laundry?

A     We have a commercial scale certfied yearly by the State of PA for accuracy. If items are wet - we will weigh once order is clean & dry for accurate weights.

Q    When do I get my laundry back?

A     Most dropped off orders are processed within 48 hours. Larger orders over 50 pounds may take longer to process.

Q    What if I can't make it before you close your attendant window?

A     You can use our laundry lockers to drop off your laundry when our center is open. You can also schedule a pickup after hours in our secure lockers.

Q    How can I pay for my order?

A     We accept cash, check, all credit cards & our laundry cards. Your credit card information can be stored/encrypted in our computer for future payments at your request.

Q    When can I drop off my laundry?

   Our staff/counter service is in during regular business hours. Our lockers are available 7 days a week from 4am - midnight every day. Securely lock your items & call or text when you drop off.

Q    How will I know when my order is ready?

A     You will receive a text when your order is complete.

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