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Here at Brite Laundry we will wash, dry, and fold

your laundry for you!

Our laundry cleaning service will give you time back. Fill a laundry bag with your dirty clothes and drop them off at our store. We'll clean your clothes and return them folded and ready to be put away. 

How our Wash Dry Fold laundry service works

1. Place your dirty laundry in a bag.  Brite Laundry bags are available to purchase for future drop offs. 

2. Drop off your bagged dirty laundry at either of our locations. You can leave it with a laundry attendant or place it in a locker.  We will weigh your laundry, sort your items, and check pockets before they're cleaned. We will provide detergent, dryer sheets, and hangers. 


3. Your clean laundry is folded and ready for pickup. We will text you to tell you it is ready. 

Call or Text Questions:     Williamsport 570-323-6164   Lock Haven 570-748-4690

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